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TURCK USB Flash Drives Available for Ordering

TURCK is excited to announce new USB flash drives available for ordering. The USB flash drives come stocked with literature pertaining to either factory or process automation and offers a convenient alternative to carrying around large amounts of heavy TURCK printed catalogs. Now you can have a wide variety of TURCK’s literature at your convenience wherever you might be. Additionally, the flash drives can be given to or left with any customers that would like to learn more about TURCK, providing a perfect gift to give to potential or existing customers.

There are 2 versions of the flash drives available; one focused on Process Automation and the other having literature that is aimed at Factory Automation:

B5500 - Process Automation Flash Drive

  • B1008 - Sensors Catalog
  • B1052 - Instrumentation
  • B2007 - Connectivity Catalog
  • B2050 - Process Wiring Catalog
  • B2300 - powerfast
  • B3027 - Distributed I/O Sales Guide
  • B5000 - Process Automation Full Range Catalog

B8800 - Factory Automation Flash Drive
  • B0313 - smartplug
  • B1008 - Sensors Catalog
  • B1027 - Position Catalog
  • B1052 - Instrumentation
  • B1102 - Inclinometers
  • B1103 - Rotary Inductive Analog Sensors
  • B1109 - Weld Nut Sensors
  • B1112 - Cylinder Position Sensors
  • B1151 - Encoders for Vector Motors
  • B1777 - DieGuard
  • B2007 - Connectivity Catalog
  • B2102 - Connectivity Capabilities
  • B2300 - powerfast
  • B3027 - Distributed I/O Sales Guide
  • B3106 - BL App Guide
  • B3109 - Distributed I/O Modules
  • N/A - Hazardous Area Sensors

The USB flash drives can be ordered on TURCK Connect using their B#’s listed above (B5500 for process, B8800 for factory automation). We please ask that you keep your orders to 50 or less as we expect this to be a frequently updated item to ensure the most recent and up-to-date TURCK offerings are present on the drives.

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