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The New DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT Master, 32 Axis Now Available

Introducing the DMC-52xx0 EtherCAT master, Galil’s first 32 axis motion controller. This new addition to Galil’s EtherCAT family is a pure EtherCAT controller with the ability to control up to 32 drives and 2 I/O modules. This space efficient package also provides uncommitted I/O for easy integration into any EtherCAT application.

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[White Paper] EtherCAT or Ethernet for Motion Control: Choosing the Right Network Solution for your Application

Ethernet based bus solutions have become the dominant method of communications in motion and industrial control. TCP, UDP, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT are just a few of the Ethernet protocols implemented to bring high speed, robust communications to motion control applications. Since EtherCAT and Ethernet use the same physical hardware and are often used in concert, it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. Control systems designers can however make educated choices about the appropriate communication bus for their application by understanding just a few key factors; centralized vs. distributed control, determinism, and cost.

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The Parker P Series Now Supported

Galil’s EtherCAT Masters (DMC-52xx0 and DMC-500x0) now provide support for Parker’s P Series EtherCAT drives. The Parker P Series includes 400, 1000, and 3500 Watt drives where motors can also be ordered to provide a complete EtherCAT solution.

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Galil 2-day Live Training Coming in September 2016

Our next two-day product school is Thursday September 29, 2016 through Friday September 30, 2016. The training will be at our headquarters in Rocklin, CA (near Sacramento).

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