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New FlexProTM Drives Released with Interface Board!

We've officially released the "machine embedded" style FlexPro™ drives. The FM drives are just like our previously released FE drives, except they feature an additional interface board. This board has convenient connectors that make the drives easy to hook up to any system using standard cabling.

This serves as another option for customers who want FlexPro's compact form, but would rather configure it like a standard drive instead of soldering directly into their PCB.

The FM060-5-EM and FM060-10-EM feature screw terminals for power.

The higher power FM060-25-EM features flying leads pre-soldered to the board.


  • Easily configured with USB-C connection
  • 14W peak power dissipation - less heat generated at peak power
  • EtherCAT communication
  • BiSS-C and incremental encoder feedback
  • Same base servo drive as development board and embedded versions (FD and FE drives respectively)

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