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Galil Introduces New Products

Galil's new AMP-435x7 all in one multi-axis drive

Galil is proud to introduce a new “all in one” multi-axis drive for the DMC-41x3 and DMC-40x0 product families. This all in one drive module is perfect for customers who want have the ability to use one configuration in multiple applications or mix and match motors on the same bank of drives. This drive is available in 2 and 4 axis configurations.

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Galil Design Kit introduces gcaps Remote Connect

Monitoring and troubleshooting real time motion control systems can be tricky in high performance applications where the majority of PC and controller resources are dedicated to running the application. Adding on an extra layer of monitoring software can have a non negligible effect on the overall system performance and can in some instances eliminate or worsen the behavior you're looking to monitor. The ability to remotely monitor communications and status in real time from a separate PC is invaluable in these situations. Enter gcaps Remote Connect!

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Galil's New GDK software tool - MotorSizer

Introducing the latest addition to Galil's software suite, the MotorSizer tool. This powerful tool offers a straightforward method of selecting the proper motors for a particular application with the same ease of use GDK is known for. The tool asks for various application details such as load mass and top speed, then provides a list of motors carried by your local Galil distributor with the appropriate motors highlighted.

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Galil's Closed Loop Stepper Firmware

Stepper motors are employed in a variety of applications across the engineering spectrum because they are inexpensive, simple to operate, and offer high torque at low speeds.

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