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Introducing a brand new servo drive offering targeted for centralized motion control systems – AxCent™. The AxCent product platform encompasses the non-digital architecture servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls including: plug-in, panel mount and vehicle mount servo drives. The AxCent product platform brings improvements to the design architecture that utilize our years of experience in the industry and the latest advancements in modern servo system design.

AxCent for Panel Mount

Our panel mount servo drives just got a face-lift with the latest additions to the AxCent platform. AxCent consolidates the previous panel mount offering into a more flexible and feature-rich solution. Benefits include:

  • Application flexibility
  • More modes of operation in each unit
  • Built-in brushed and brushless compatibility
  • Expanded DIP-Switch tuning options on selected parts
    • Solderless solution to achieve optimal performance
    • Available for both current loop and velocity loop tuning
  • Quick response and high bandwidth
  • Encoder Velocity, Duty Cycle Feedback, and Current Modes on the same model
  • Custom modifications are readily available to supplement the standard offering

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AxCent for Micro-sized PCB Mount / Plug-in

Our very popular micro-sized Z-Drives family now has Velocity Mode capability. With the addition of 3 models with built-in interface cards and 3 more with plug-in style mounting, these full featured drives operate with brushless and brushed servo motors and are available immediately. More information, data sheets and manuals can be found here.

With integrated mounting card

  • AZBE10A4IC (encoder velocity mode)
  • AZBH10A4IC (hall velocity mode)
  • AZBD10A4IC (duty cycle mode)

Plug-in style

  • AZBE10A4 (encoder velocity mode)
  • AZBH10A4 (hall velocity mode)
  • AZBD10A4 (duty cycle mode)

Weighing as little as 9 grams and capable of outputting 10A peak and 5A continuous without a heatsink, the micro-sized Z-Drives are the smallest off-the-shelf servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls. These plug-in drives are designed for embedded applications in a wide range of industries including: Robotics, Lab Automation, Homeland Security/Military, Electric Mobility, Medical and Packaging.

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